Advantages for product development1

Custom orders from even a single piece

Example product

Small lots of many kinds of products

The usual image of tanning companies is that they only respond to large orders and make bulk lots, but our company deals with small lots of many different products. Feel free to order any of our services for orders of any size, even of single products or pieces of leather.

Transparent production

About 90% of the production process, from choosing the hides to tanning, dyeing, processing, piece dying, and finishing is conducted by our own craftsmen at our own facilities.

Therefore, the creators and craftsmen can communicate directly about their wants and needs as well as techniques, experience, and knowledge, and our company can offer a completely transparent look at our production process.

Any stage in the process

If it’s a service that our company provides, we will start work at any step of the production process. In particular, our craftsmen have unparalleled experience with after-dyeing and processing, with equipment that specializes in handling the materials without damaging them. Feel free to contact us with even casual questions.

to Dyeing and finishing

A wide selection

Our small-lot system for all services gives creators a wider variety of options.
For example:

- projects for specific models
- a wider market, such as local and internet orders
- the ability to accept orders with greater added value

Please use these services for a variety of projects.