Service List

Here is a list of the original hides, leather types, and finishing methods that our company provides.

Types of leather

Glass-stretched leather
At the chrome tanning drying factory, this leather is spread over a glass or enameled iron plate to dry, and then the grain side is buffed with sandpaper, and it is finished with a coating of synthetic resin.
Suede leather
Usually made of calfskin or lambskin, this leather is given a velvety feel by using sandpaper on the flesh side to give it a nap.
Buckskin leather
This is deerskin leather with the grain side removed. It is also napped, and is very soft, and used much like suede.
Nubuck leather
Unlike suede, this leather is sandpapered on the grain side to make it napped. Compared to suede, the nap on this leather is much shorter, and velvety.
Split leather
Thick hides such as bull are divided into two or three layers. This leather is made from hides without grain sides.
Embossed leather
This leather has designs applied to the finished and resined side with a heated high-pressure press.
Shrunken leather
Special chemicals are applied to this leather during the tanning process to shrink the grain side, giving it a more marked wrinkled appearance than hand-rubbed leather.
Water-resistant leather
Materials such as fluorine, silicon, and oils are applied to the hide during the tanning process to make it less absorbent and more water-repelling.
*We do not handle grained leather or enameled leather.