Service List

Here is a list of the original hides, leather types, and finishing methods that our company provides.

Finishing methods

Plain finish
Almost no finishing agents are used. The gloss is produced with such methods as felt buffing.
Aniline finish
This finishing method has a transparent look, making it almost possible to see through the grain side pattern. Includes semi-aniline finish, which mixes in some pigment.
Pigmented finish
The addition of pigment makes the leather look a little less transparent, but covers scratches on the grain side and offers a consistent coloring across the piece.
Glazing finish
This finishing method aims to add a smooth luster to the grain side. Rollers made of agate, glass, and metal are applied with high pressure to chafe and finish the leather.
Antique finish
Irregular patterns are added to give a vintage appearance to this color finish.
Pearl / metallic finish
Materials such as pearl, silver, and gold are added to the dyes and applied with this finish.
*We do not do enamel finishing.