Business procedure

Discussions starting with cut samples

Below is an explanation of the business process, from the initial inquiry to the delivery of the goods.

Not every step of this may apply to all cases, as we try to respond to the wishes of each individual customer. The one consistent factor is that we will continue making samples until our customers are satisfied.

1. Hearing

First, the customer explains what kind of materials they want, and what they are planning to make.

2. Sample creation and discussion

We make several cut samples based on the image expressed in the initial hearing.

3. Work until satisfaction

We listen to further requests based on the samples, and continue manufacturing samples to better match the customer’s idea.

4. Final sample and order

Once we have created a satisfactory sample, the customer tells us what they’d like to officially order. We create a final sample for confirmation.

5. Trial product and cooperative production

If it is necessary, we will make a trial product using the manufacturing methods we used to make the final sample. If this does not match the customer’s image, we can recreate it as many times as necessary.

6. Manufacture and delivery

We produce the ordered amount. After a final quality check, we deliver the product.

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