Making the materials the creators ask for

Natural tanning

Our company primarily uses two individual types of tanning called “Himesansui” and “Shibusansui,” as well as our original “beef tallow tanning,” and “smoke tanning,” inspired by hunters.

  • White leather developed from Himeji white tanning


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    This is a modern modification of Himeji’s tanning technique, which uses the photosynthesis of organic matter in the tanning process. The leather produced over this days-long process is even whiter than that made with Himeji white tanning.

  • Historic leather with natural tannins


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    This tanning style, a traditional method passed down from Europe, uses plant tannins. Using liquids extracted from various kinds of vegetation, this technique has as many variations as there are types of plants.

  • Original tanning using beef tallow

    “Beef tallow tanning”

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    Beef tallow tanning

    This original tanning style uses beef tallow.

  • Smoked tanning technique inspired by hunters

    “Smoke tanning”

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    Smoke tanning

    This tanning style, first used by hunters, tans the hides using straw smoke. It creates a unique texture, but requires a repeated treatment (over three to four months) to ease the smoke smell.

Other tanning styles

We also use chrome, aluminum, and zirconium tanning. Please contact us to tell us what you plan to make, and we can suggest the most suitable style of tanning for that purpose.