Innovation: Always creating new leather

ALMIGHTY is a tannery that produces leather materials for jackets, shirts, bags, belts, accessories, and other goods relating to fashion and apparel. Our mission and ideal is to produce leather that satisfies customers all over the world, and to constantly create new kinds of leather.

We work and communicate directly with creators such as designers and craftsmen.

to Making the materials the creators ask for

Responding to requests one piece at a time

In the leather-working industry, there has been almost no direct communication between creators and tanners, until now.

It was taken for granted that creators would simply choose leather from a selection of whatever was available. But this did not necessarily allow them to make exactly they wanted.

At our company, we make the most of our position as a manufacturer, and directly accept custom requests from even a single piece of leather, allowing the creators to make their own selections regarding the original hides, colors, textures, softness, and thickness, etc.

to Advantages for product development

Our philosophy towards leather-making

When a creator approaches us with their vision for a new product, no matter what it is, we start out by answering, “Yes.”

Along with creators who design the very best products, we want to challenge ourselves to find new ways of making leather. We work every day with that conviction in mind.

We hope to hear from any and all designers, companies of various brands, or students hoping to create unique and value-added products regarding any questions related to producing original leather materials.

ALMIGHTY Representative
Takayuki Minase